Overview of Chasing Fins Terms & conditions 2024-2025 Season

Chasing Fins organises Guided Fishing Trips & Holidays in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.
The cost you pay includes all Fishing, Guiding and Accommodation. Tackle will be provided at no extra cost which will include
Flies & Leaders. If you loose more than 3 Flies over the session you will be liable to pay for extra flies lost at £3.95 each.
Along with the above for all full days fishing you will be provided with a riverside/bankside lunch along with refreshments.

Customers will be contacted prior to there trip with what they wish to drink and eat along with any dietary requirements.
If pickup and drop off services are included in your package, we will collect you in our Audi SQ5 covered by Admiral Business
insurance and sports4insure cover for transporting our guests to and from the Fishing Location.

Chasing Fins Booking Rules

As with all bookings with Chasing Fins we require a 70% Deposit at the time of booking to secure your Trip. This is done by bank
transfer only to our business account. We don’t accept cash or PayPal. Once the deposit has been received your dates will be
confirmed and a booking confirmation and itinerary will be emailed to you within 5 Days. The remaining balance is due 30 days
before your arrival. We take a large deposit upfront so we can book the fishing and the accommodation along with any extras
the customer has asked for. Its customary too give gratuities at the end of the trip or guiding day to the value of 20% of total trip cost.

Chasing Fins Terms & Conditions 2024-25.

Cancellations & Refund Policy & Date Changes for your Trip

With all Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing in the United Kingdom to reserve a day you need to book your Fishing in Advance and Pay
for it. Please see below for our policy:

  • Anywhere else; When your fishing day arrives and if the river is too low you DON’T get a refund or a chance to come
    back. If the river is too high and in flood you DON’T get a refund or a chance to come back when fishing conditions are
    more in your favour.
  • As a Gesture of goodwill from Chasing Fins we will always give out customers the chance to come back ‘Once’ at a later
    date when hopefully conditions are more in their favour as a kind gesture.
    One date change will be given to each booking
  • Strictly NO Refunds will be given for bad fishing conditions. Sadly, the weather is out of our hands. We will always
    contact the customers a week before with an update of fishing and the projected weather forecast. You will find the
    weather forecast link on our website.
  • All clients will need to take out travel Insurance to cover them for any trip cancellations or bad weather days not fished.
  • Once we have received your initial 70% Deposit all accommodation along with the fishing Tickets/Permits and any extra
    guides are booked/confirmed. Once this is all booked and secured we will require 60 Days notice if you wish to cancel
    and receive a partial refund. All fishing which has been purchased by us will be non refundable along with any hotels
    which we have secured by payment upfront. We will always do our best for customers and offer them alternative dates
    to try and help. If you still require a refund, Chasing Fins will refund the remaining amount minus a 20% administration
  • We always recommend our clients and customers to purchase Holiday and Trip Insurance in the event you have to
    cancel your trip.

Rules & Conditions when Fishing

1. All clients will be told to wear eye protection when they begin to fish. If they decide to not wear eye protection Chasing
Fins will not be liable for any accidents.
2. When wading in deep sections of water above knee depth the client will always be accompanied by a Chasing Fins
guide. If the client doesn’t want assistance Chasing Fins will not be liable for any injuries or accidents.
3. If any damage is incurred on any of the Fishing Tackle including rod breakages and misuse and neglect the
client/customer will have to pay the fee to repair the item or having it replaced on a like for like basis.